With the SemaConnect Cloud, EV charging station owners and site hosts can decide who can charge at your stations – anyone with an EV, only pre-approved members, or a mix of the two. You are also able to set customized pricing policies for these distinct groups. There are multiple methods for setting pricing rates.

Pricing options include:

  • Energy Transferred: Drivers are charged by kilowatt- hour (kWh), or the amount of energy transferred to the vehicle. (Note: charging per kWh is not allowed in some states.)
  • Duration: Drivers are charged an hourly parking fee from the time the vehicle is plugged in, to the time it is unplugged – regardless of whether they were charging the entire time.
  • Time of Day: Drivers are charged a fee based on the actual time of the day when the vehicle is parked. Some properties choose this strategy so they can encourage drivers to charge during off-peak times when there is less strain on the electrical grid.
  • Time of Year/Seasonal: Drivers are charged a fee based on the time of year they are parked. This is frequently used in businesses with peak seasons such as hotels.
  • Grace Period: Drivers are first offered free or nominal pricing for a “grace period,” then are charged a higher price once the car has been parked for a certain amount of time. This is frequently used to encourage drivers to move their EV once they are done charging.
  • Member Pricing: Drivers that are part of a member group are given free or reduced-price charges, and public visitors are charged a higher rate.

Electric Vehicle Pricing PoliciesClick here to download printable version.