HANOVER, Pa. – Burkentine Builders has installed four new SemaConnect electric vehicle charging stations at its headquarters in south Hanover. The new Series 6 charging stations are mounted on dual pedestals with retractable cable management system and include three years of SemaConnect Network services. Recently installed, the smart charging stations are open to the public and ready to charge all plug-in electric vehicles in Hanover.

Burkentine Builders received its new charging stations as part of the Driving PA Forward grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. With the grant, Burkentine Builders receives partial funding for charging equipment and installation and supports the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s emissions goals. The Series 6 charging stations installed at Burkentine’s headquarters feature SemaConnect’s distinctive compact build, interactive LED lights, full replacement warranty, smart technology, and ENERGY STAR certification.

With Burkentine Builders’ three years of prepaid SemaConnect Network connectivity, property management has committed to serving EV drivers in Hanover. Not only can station administrators control access, create member groups, and set up multiple pricing plans for employees and public users, but they can also download usage and sustainability reports for Pennsylvania DEP and other stakeholders. Over-the-air software updates help Burkentine Builders up-to-date and at the top of the Hanover EV market. Drivers will receive 24/7 support, along with options to start a charge via mobile app, SemaConnect Pass, mobile browser, or by dialing 1-800-663-5633.

“We’re excited to launch new corporate sustainability programs at Burkentine Builders, starting with our new SemaConnect stations at our main office,” said Tracie Keyser, digital marketing lead manager at Burkentine Builders. “Our residents want to live at communities that value sustainability, reduce waste, and help them live healthier lifestyles. We look forward to our new electric vehicle charging program at our office and future communities.”

“Our mission is to innovate and deliver high quality products to our communities,” said Michael Burkentine, vice president of sales and business development at Burkentine Real Estate Group. “With more and more electric vehicles on the road, we want to give our residents the ability to purchase vehicles that fit their needs and deliver charging when needed.”

“Burkentine Builders is setting an example for other residential developers in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland,” said Joseph Inglisa, sales manager at SemaConnect. “Most EV drivers prefer to charge overnight at home, and even more so during this time when more people are working from home. With its new green initiatives, Burkentine Builders helps make life easier for residents and employees, supports families with electric vehicles, and supports statewide and community-wide sustainability. We’re honored to be Burkentine’s choice for electric vehicle charging, and we look forward to further helping them roll out their corporate sustainability plans.”

About Burkentine Builders:
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