EDMONDS, Wash. – October 14, 2019 – SemaConnect, the leading provider of electric vehicle charging stations to the North American commercial and residential property market, announces that it has installed six EV charging stations for the City of Edmonds, Washington. The new SemaConnect charging stations can be found at four locations in the city, including City Hall and the Public Safety Complex.

After working with a previous charging vendor, the City of Edmonds Public Works Department contacted SemaConnect to learn more about the SemaConnect Network. After meeting SemaConnect representatives in person and hearing feedback from local EV drivers, the City chose to replace its existing smart stations with SemaConnect Series 6 smart charging stations at City Hall, the Public Safety Complex, the Edmonds City Park, and a parking lot on Main Street.

“SemaConnect is honored to have been selected to install six new EV charging stations in the beautiful downtown Edmonds,” said Eric Smith, sales manager at SemaConnect. “Edmonds already knew the value of smart charging solutions. What they needed was an open network. With the new SemaConnect stations in Edmonds, EV drivers can easily pull up and start charging their vehicles, without joining a network membership program first. Edmonds’ switch to the SemaConnect Network will make EV adoption even easier for drivers in the Pacific Northwest.”

The new SemaConnect charging stations installed for the City of Edmonds are Series 6 smart stations mounted on single pedestal, dual pedestal, and wall mountings. In addition to the slim build, interactive LED lights, and full service warranty for which SemaConnect is known, the stations also include access to the SemaConnect Network. Using the SemaConnect Network, the station administrators at the Edmonds Public Works Department can manage pricing and access, generate usage and sustainability reports, and view live station status. In addition, EV drivers can now initiate a charging session using one of SemaConnect’s Five Ways to Pay: waving a SemaConnect Pass, visiting network.semaconnect.com on their mobile browser, downloading the SemaConnect mobile app, dialing 1-800-663-5633, or using the PlugShare app. The six new SemaConnect stations are open to the public and cost $1.50 per hour. Current station status and locations can be found on PlugShare or the newly updated SemaConnect app.