Washington, DC – First Selectman Jim Marpe will officially unveil the town of Westport, Connecticut’s newest Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station in the parking lot at Town Hall on September 18, 2014 at 7:30 am. State Representative Jonathan Steinberg, SemaConnect Territory Sales Manager John Pellegrino, members of Westport’s Green Task Force and the Electric Car Club  are expected to join Mr. Marpe during the morning event which takes place during National Electric Drive Week (September 15-21).

The funds for the EV charger came from the U.S. Department of Energy sponsored Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge grant, procured as a result of Westport being number one of 14 towns to engage residents in energy efficiency upgrades (2010-2013). The charger installation charges were paid for with funds from the Clean Energy Community (CEC), a grant provided in recognition of exemplary town participation in clean energy programs. The CEC program is run through CL&P. The new SemaConnect ChargePro networked Level II (240Volts, 30Amps) commercial grade EV Station is expandable so that another charger can be added when demand warrants it.

Mr. Marpe said, “Westport is fortunate to have community-wide support for this initiative. It is appropriate that we encourage our Town employees, and all residents with electric vehicles, to charge up at Town Hall. Much credit is due to the tireless efforts of the Green Task Force and the Electric Car Club who will continue to work in conjunction with the Town to expand our local network of free charging stations.”

Westport’s other EV Charging Stations are located at the Tri-Town Teachers Credit Union on Jesup Road, Crescent Park, and at the Saugatuck and Greens Farms Railroad Stations.

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