BOSTON – National Grid, electricity and natural gas provider in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York, has selected the SemaConnect Series 6 electric vehicle charging station as a qualified product for its EV Charging Station Program. Under this rebate program, qualified National Grid business customers can receive funding for up to 100% of the electrical infrastructure and a portion of the EV charging station equipment costs.

National Grid’s EV Charging Station Program is aimed at supporting Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York’s goals in reducing emissions and promoting electric vehicles. All three states that are covered in the program have passed legislation that calls for the use of electric vehicles and the elimination of sales of gas-powered vehicles over the next 20 years. Companies participating in the program will be able to stand out as modern, sustainable leaders in their communities.

“With the current emphasis on clean energy and the reduction of carbon emissions, businesses are seeing an increase in electric vehicles at their properties,” said Mike Emery, sales manager at SemaConnect. “To attract these potential employees, clients, and tenants, they’re installing EV charging stations as an amenity. National Grid’s new funding will help offset the large costs of installation and make EV adoption even easier. We’re honored to support this project with our Series 6 smart EV charging station.”

The SemaConnect Series 6 smart EV charging station is designed for commercial properties with shared parking. In addition to the sleek, compact design, the ENERGY STAR certified product includes access to the SemaConnect Network. Using the SemaConnect Network, station owners can view live station status, manage access, set custom pricing, and view sustainability and usage reports. Businesses, multifamily residences, colleges, medical campuses, and industrial facilities applying for the rebate can choose the Series 6 charging station with a wall mount, single pedestal, or dual pedestal.