LOS ANGELES – SemaConnect, the leading provider of electric vehicle charging stations to the North American commercial and residential property market, announces that the historic Hotel Constance in Pasadena, California has selected two smart stations for the hotel’s EV charging needs. SemaConnect has installed two Series 6 dual pedestal EV charging stations with cable management and five years of full service at the Hotel Constance. Built in 1926, Hotel Constance is one of California’s most historic and luxurious hotels combining a historic ambiance with the latest fashions and technology. The EV charging stations allow for four vehicles to be charged at the same time. The charging stations are available for guests and the general public to use and cost $2 per hour.

“We are very honored to have been selected by Hotel Constance for the installation of its first EV charging stations,” said Jesus Ferro, Director of Marketing at SemaConnect. “The Hotel Constance offers luxury and the latest technology to its guests, and SemaConnect is pleased to further that with the installation of our Series 6 EV charging stations.”

The dual pedestal EV charging stations at Hotel Constance are two of SemaConnect’s Series 6 Charging Stations designed specifically for Class A properties. Features include sleek design, simple installation, network management controls, interactive LED lights, and smart card authorization. The stations at the Hotel Constance are open to the public and can be found on the SemaConnect and PlugShare mobile applications.