SAN FRANCISCO – SemaConnect, the leading provider of electric vehicle charging stations to the North American commercial and residential property market, announces its selection as an Approved Vendor for Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E) EV Fleet program. PG&E created its EV Fleet program in order to support California’s emissions goals. Under this program, PG&E customers can receive free “Make Ready” EV charging infrastructure, plus funding for EV charging stations and two or more electric vehicles for their fleets.

For eligible customers, PG&E will own, maintain, and install electrical infrastructure from transformer to meter. Eligible customers can also receive free “Make Ready” infrastructure from PG&E, including transformers, trenching, conduits, and charger stubs. Rebates are available through the program for electric vehicle charging stations and two or more electric fleet vehicles. This is the second time that PG&E has included SemaConnect in an EV charging rebate program. SemaConnect is also an Approved Vendor for the EV Charge Network program for workplace and multifamily commercial properties.

“SemaConnect is honored to serve Californian businesses with PG&E’s EV Fleet Program,” said Kevin Zheng, sales manager at SemaConnect. “California has set aggressive goals to decrease emissions statewide. Transportation is the largest contributor to air pollution, and PG&E’s new program will help companies looking to decrease their environmental impact.”

He continued, “In California, business owners and fleet managers want to make sure that they’re buying the charging station with the best station management and charging experience. SemaConnect’s 99.5% uptime reliability, easy-to-use station management tools, and easy installation are just three reasons why PG&E customers have purchased our smart EV charging stations in the past. We look forward to serving businesses converting their fleets with PG&E’s new program.”

SemaConnect Series 5 and Series 6 smart EV charging stations are designed for commercial use and incorporate the latest in EV technology. In addition to the sleek, futuristic, compact design, they offer access to the SemaConnect Network, which includes station management, custom pricing, access controls, live station status, and usage reports. Businesses that choose SemaConnect can choose a wall mount, single pedestal, or dual pedestal, plus an optional cable management system.