WASHINGTON, D.C. – SemaConnect, a leader in electric vehicle charging solutions in North America, has launched the “Pay With PlugShare” payment system on the Android platform, adding to PlugShare’s iOS app using this feature. PlugShare is the most widely used app for finding places to charge electric cars. Now, Android users on PlugShare can use the app to find SemaConnect charging stations, check availability and pay for the charge, all within the PlugShare app.

“PlugShare is the most widely used app for EV drivers to find charging stations, so collaborating to provide drivers a better charging experience is a no-brainer,” said Mahi Reddy, CEO of SemaConnect. “EV drivers have enough hurdles, so the “Pay with PlugShare” feature provides drivers a convenient payment option and eliminates a hurdle. It also shows how an open driver network, like SemaConnect’s, benefits EV drivers and station owners alike.”

The “Pay With PlugShare” feature on the app works with all SemaConnect Series 6 smart charging stations, a network of thousands of EV charging stations available nationwide. The SemaConnect network is made up of property owners, business owners and managers who provide EV charging as a service. SemaConnect provides EV station owners with a smart solution and the ability to easily control access, set usage fees, monitor energy use and benefit from utility incentive programs such as off-peak pricing.

“The PlugShare app combines a sleek user experience with a station directory that is unmatched in this industry,” said Roman Stanchak, lead software architect at SemaConnect. “PlugShare is a pioneer in this industry, seeking simple, pragmatic solutions to interoperability,” continued Stanchak. “PlugShare pioneered this approach toward interoperability by leveraging SemaConnect’s open platform, and we’re excited to launch the next generation of this feature, which extends this convenience to Android users.”

To watch a video and learn more about the “Pay with PlugShare” feature for the Android and iOs platforms, visit https://pay.plugshare.com/.