RIVERSIDE, Calif. – SemaConnect, the leading provider of electric vehicle charging stations to the North American commercial and residential property market, announces that it has installed three dual pedestal Series 6 EV charging stations for historic downtown Riverside’s newest and most elegant apartment community, Imperial Hardware Lofts. Located in the core of historic Riverside, Imperial Hardware Lofts combines the 1930’s Art Deco façade of the old Imperial Hardware Building with newly designed apartment lofts and ground floor retail. The three dual pedestal EV charging stations will allow six residents at a time to charge their electric vehicles.

“SemaConnect is honored to provide smart electric vehicle charging stations to the historic Imperial Hardware Lofts,” said Kevin Zheng, sales manager at SemaConnect. “IHL is leading the way for other historic properties who are working to unite Riverside’s past with its present. The new SemaConnect stations are just another way for Ratkovich Properties and the Sares-Regis Group to serve California’s upscale urban dwellers.”

The Series 6 EV charging stations at Imperial Hardware Lofts are designed for shared use and incorporate the latest in EV technology. In addition to the sleek, futuristic, and compact design, the Series 6 EV charging station is also weatherproof and ENERGYSTAR certified to use less energy than other charging products. The EV charging stations at Imperial Hardware Lofts come with one year of SemaConnect Network services, which provide station management features such as usage reports, access controls, and custom pricing plans. The three charging stations are open to IHL residents and can be found in the resident parking garage.