BOSTON – SemaConnect, the leading provider of electric vehicle charging stations to the North American commercial and residential property market, announces its selection as a Preferred Vendor for Eversource’s EV Charging Station Program in Massachusetts. Under this groundbreaking initiative, Eversource customers can receive free “Make Ready” infrastructure for 2-10 electric vehicle charging stations at commercial properties.

In Massachusetts, electric vehicle use is surging, and Governor Charlie Baker has committed to supporting EVs and statewide reductions in greenhouse gases. Eversource is offering its EV Charging Station program as a way to encourage EV adoption in the Commonwealth, and to help workplaces, colleges, government buildings, and multifamily communities support EV drivers.

“SemaConnect is extremely proud to have been selected as a Preferred Vendor by Eversource for its EV Charging Station Program,” said Mike Emery, sales manager at SemaConnect. “Electric vehicle use in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is surging, and commercial properties are recognizing this. We are seeing a rapid increase in the installation of EV charging stations throughout Massachusetts.”

“The Eversource EV Charging Station Program will help businesses meet the demands of employees and customers who drive electric vehicles without some of the hefty costs that are often attached to upgrading the electrical infrastructure for EV charging stations,” continued Emery. “This program will also further the use of electric vehicles and cut down on carbon emissions throughout Massachusetts.”

For most EV charging projects, the most expensive cost is the infrastructure. Eversource will manage and cover all costs related to implementation including: trenching, transformer upgrades, dedicated service meter, panels, conduits, and traffic management during the installation. Participating site hosts will manage and cover the costs of the Series 6 EV charging station equipment and installation.

The SemaConnect Series 6 EV charging station is designed for shared use at Class A commercial properties. In addition to the sleek, futuristic, compact design, the SemaConnect charging stations incorporate the latest in EV technology. Interactive LED lights allow drivers and parking managers to see current station status, and the SemaConnect Network gives station owners the flexibility to control access, pricing, and reporting. More information on the rebate program from Eversource is available from Mike Emery, the SemaConnect sales manager for the New England region, or on the Eversource website.