Washington, DC – In a statement issued today, SemaConnect, the leading provider of electric vehicle amenities to the North American property market, congratulated California utilities Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric for their intent to expedite the deployment of charging station infrastructure within their service areas.  At the same time, the charging station leader urged the state’s regulatory agency to support this much-needed boost to electric vehicle deployment.

SemaConnect CEO Mahi Reddy commented: “We strongly support granting utilities the ability to grow charging station networks to meet demand. Pacific Gas & Electric’s single gesture of partnership with the private sector will bring an unprecedented number of stations online: 25,000 level 2 charging stations and 100 fast charging stations – nearly 25% of the infrastructure needed to achieve the state’s 2020 goals. At a critical time for the electric vehicle industry, we need this kind of participation from our utilities to ensure that reliable charging options are ubiquitous and capable of addressing market needs.”

“PG&E’s commitment is part of an exciting roll-out planned by utilities across the state, echoed by similar efforts from Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric. This is all about making electric vehicles a more acceptable form of transit, reducing range anxiety, and avoiding adoption stagnation at a critical time for the industry.”

“These new smart-grid enabled stations will carry significant benefits to utilities, rate-payers and the EV community. Smart charging stations will send and receive important energy usage information and allow for chargers to operate with more solar and wind energy as it comes onto the grid, which will not only support the EV rollout, but give utilities new demand response options that would enable greater use of renewables while minimizing peak demand. By owning and operating their own charging station networks, utilities can also add important power management capabilities to make the grid make more resilient and provide the tools and educational materials for site hosts to make better decisions.”

“Supporting such utility programs promotes an expanding market for property owners, and offers tools to create better infrastructure. On behalf of the electric vehicle industry, we urge the CPUC to accept and further continue the ambitious steps of California utilities and expedite the growth of the electric vehicle industry.”