Bowie, MD – SemaConnect, the leading provider of electric vehicle charging stations to the North American commercial and residential property market, announces that it has joined the Transportation Electrification Accord. The Accord aims to educate policymakers on how to advance electric transportation in a manner that provides economic, social and environmental benefits. Advanced Energy Economy, Energy Foundation, Illinois Citizen Utility Board, Natural Resources Defense Council, Plug-in America and Sierra Club worked with diverse stakeholder and business interests to draft the Accord.  The Transportation Electrification Accord aligns with SemaConnect’s vision of accelerating the electrification of transportation throughout the United States. With eleven guiding principles, the Accord outlines how transportation electrification can be advanced in a manner that benefits all utility customers and users of all forms of transportation, while supporting the evolution of a cleaner grid and stimulating innovation and competition for United States companies.

“SemaConnect is proud to be one of the companies that has signed the Transportation Electrification Accord,” said Josh Cohen, Head of Public Programs at SemaConnect. “The Accord aligns with the mission and vision of SemaConnect in advancing and accelerating the electrification of transportation throughout the United States. We are proud to work with the other signatories of the Accord in achieving this mission that will ensure a better environment and energy sufficiency for all Americans.”

The Accord emphasizes the special importance of the charging infrastructure: “accelerating an appropriate deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure based on market penetration projections along highway corridors, as well as throughout local cities and towns, is a critical element of electrifying transportation,” reads a key section of the Accord. Additionally, the Accord emphasizes the need of taking a unified approach that includes utilities as part of it reads “it is in the public interest to allow investor-owned and publicly-owned utilities to participate in and facilitate the deployment of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).”

SemaConnect joins such leading companies as Honda, General Motors, and Siemens as an international signer of the Accord. Last month’s EV Roadmap 11 Conference in Portland, Oregon featured a special panel discussion about the Accord which was well-received by attendees. Roadmap is premier EV conference in North America, and SemaConnect was led by CEO Mahi Reddy at the Conference.