BOWIE, Md. – SemaConnect, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging services to the North American commercial, residential, and fleet market, announces the newest update to the SemaConnect Network: Smart Load Management. Now SemaConnect station owners can manage power with peak power management and power sharing management features, minimizing their operational and capital expenditures while serving more EV drivers.

SemaConnect EV charging stations feature smart capabilities with the cloud-based SemaConnect Network. ENERGY STAR certification and Open ADR 2.0b certification help commercial properties charge vehicles more efficiently. Now peak power management and power sharing management features allow SemaConnect station owners to further customize their smart charging stations. The Series 5 for Multifamily, the Series 6 for Public/Commercial, and the Series 7 for Fleets charging stations can be assigned to custom groupings with a maximum peak power and power sharing plan.

“Electric vehicles have taken off, and building managers are searching for cost-effective ways to add EV charging stations,” said Mahi Reddy, chief executive officer at SemaConnect. “SemaConnect Smart Load Management is designed with them in mind. Now it’s easier and more cost-effective for older buildings and those limited by power capacity to add smart charging, meet the new EV-ready building codes, and plan ahead for the next generation of electric vehicles.”

“With the support of our Smart Load Management Pilot Program participants and partners Albertsons, Pacific Gas & Electric, and Baltimore Gas & Electric, we’ve refined the next generation of load management capabilities for commercial properties and utilities,” said Mark Pastrone, chief operating officer at SemaConnect. “SemaConnect Smart Load Management helps properties prepare for that growth and meet the EV charging needs of drivers. With more and more cars hitting the grid, it’s important that EV charging stations can communicate with the utility-run demand response programs and maximize savings.”

SemaConnect Load Management is available to all SemaConnect station owners on the SemaConnect Network. For more information, visit