BOWIE, Md. – SemaConnect, the leading provider of electric vehicle charging stations to the North American commercial and residential property markets, announces the release of the Series 5 Personal Electric Vehicle Charging Station for multifamily applications. With a lower price point and new network features, the Series 5 is the perfect station for apartments, condominiums, and Home Owners Associations with dedicated parking spaces for residents.

With over 1 million electric vehicles on the road, and 80% of charging done at home, the time is now for multifamily properties to invest in EV charging. The Series 5 is a new addition to the SemaConnect smart charging product lineup, which also includes the Series 6 charging station for shared use. Both offer best in-class warranties, Energy Star certification, optional cable management system, and network capabilities that make SemaConnect charging stations truly smart.

“We are excited to bring the Series 5 Personal Charging Station to multifamily communities across North America. Our clients are looking for the best EV charging stations for their tenants with assigned parking. Combined with new updates to the SemaConnect Network management platform for station owners and drivers, the Series 5 helps property managers provide the latest green amenity without headaches,” said Mahi Reddy, CEO at SemaConnect.

“We’re also excited to introduce a new monthly billing options for Series 5 charging stations on the SemaConnect Network platform, so property managers can bill drivers monthly for station access and energy usage,” Mr. Reddy continued. “With the addition of the Series 5 to our lineup, it’s even easier to add charging as a service for tenants and guests.”

Features of the Series 5 Personal Charging Station include:

  • Sleek, compact “no assembly required” design
  • J1772 connector
  • EnergyStar certification
  • Interactive LED lights
  • Wireless communications
  • Monthly driver billing
  • Private access for multifamily tenants
  • Smart card authentication