Baltimore, MD  A Federal Court has granted SemaConnect’s motion to dismiss a patent infringement lawsuit filed by ChargePoint. The suit, filed in December, accused SemaConnect of infringing four of ChargePoint’s patents for technology to connect electric vehicle charging stations to the internet.

In a 70-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Marvin J. Garbis agreed with SemaConnect’s assertion that there was no infringement. Additionally, the court held that the claims brought by ChargePoint were little more than abstract ideas and did not, therefore, qualify for patent protection under the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Alice” opinion (2014), which established standards for software-related patents.

“Connecting the internet to a device to send and receive communications to operate that device in an expected way, without describing a specific process for how the communications provide a technological improvement (other than by virtue of being able to send and receive communications), is an abstract idea that is not eligible for patent protection,” the judge concluded.

SemaConnect is one of many EV solutions companies that uses the internet to communicate with EV charging stations. As such, “This was not only our fight. It was the industry’s fight — and the court’s decision has indeed served justice,” said SemaConnect CEO Mahi Reddy.

Phil Jones, Executive Director for The Alliance for Transportation Electrification, agreed: “We couldn’t be happier for SemaConnect in this landmark case. This is a significant milestone for the EV industry in helping to clear the way for all providers to deliver smart EV solutions. Having successfully prevailed with the motion to dismiss, SemaConnect can continue to innovate and offer the highest quality EV amenities to consumers.”