WASHINGTON D.C. – SemaConnect, a leading provider of smart electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions since 2010, announced that it has been selected to participate in Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E’s) EV Charge Network program that officially launched on January 17, 2018. PG&E is scheduled to install 7,500 EV chargers at condominiums, apartment buildings and workplaces across Northern and Central California.

As EV adoption continues to develop in California, one of the biggest barriers remains – the lack of available places to charge. PG&E’s EV Charge Network will support the adoption of EVs by increasing access to charging in locations where it has traditionally been limited and where cars often sit for longer periods of time, like workplaces and apartment buildings.

Business partners interested in participating in the program can choose the charging equipment and services from a list of pre-qualified vendors that meet safety and quality standards. SemaConnect EV charging stations were selected as an option for customers participating in the program, representing smart, scalable solutions that are demand response and smart grid ready. In addition, SemaConnect’s leading cloud-based management platform allows businesses to manage all of their charging stations from a single login screen. They can view reports and usage on the program from a macro level or individually at the station level.

“We need more programs like this to expand EV charging infrastructure across the country,” said Mahi Reddy, CEO of SemaConnect. “California utilities are leading the charge to foster widespread adoption of electric vehicles, and in the days to come, their programs will provide a template for other utilities nationwide. California is way ahead of the game and other states should take notice. SemaConnect is proud to be part of the program and we feel that our open standards provide businesses and consumers with the most flexibility when it comes to charging EVs. “

PG&E’s EV Charge Network program will pay for and build the infrastructure from the electric grid to the charger. Additionally, PG&E will offset a portion of the charger cost for all participating customers, based on the site and location. Multifamily and workplace properties that are PG&E customers based in Northern and Central California can learn more about and apply for the program at www.pge.com/evcharge. They can also contact Ryan Zulewski of SemaConnect directly at (951) 850-0903 or via email to ryan.zulewski@semaconnect.com.