HOUSTON – Now, visitors to the Starbucks or all-new Phenix Salon Suites at 2101 Smith St. in Midtown have another way to recharge their day. Williamsburg Enterprises has installed two new SemaConnect electric vehicle charging stations at the newly renovated Midtown Collection. The new Series 6 charging stations are open to the public and ready for EV drivers visiting Midtown this summer.

Williamsburg Enterprises commissioned local artist David Maldonado to paint a custom mural next to the new SemaConnect charging stations at 2101 Smith St.

“Houston’s Midtown is a fast-growing, exciting neighborhood to be in,” said Spencer Harkness, vice president of development at Williamsburg Enterprises. “We’re passionate about community, and we’re excited to boost sustainability and energy efficiency at 2101 Smith St. As soon as we started renovating the property, we knew we wanted to support our clients’ electric vehicles. As Texas opens back up and Phenix Salon Suites leases its suites, we’re excited for EV drivers to relax and recharge with us.”The new SemaConnect Series 6 charging stations are among many renovations at 2101 Smith St. since Williamsburg Enterprises purchased the property in 2018. In addition to the two charging stations mounted on a dual pedestal, the Midtown Collection also has increased parking and added a new mural by local artist David Maldonado. The ENERGY STAR-certified SemaConnect stations offer network connectivity, interactive LED lights, slim build, and weatherproof casing that are perfect for Houston’s ever-changing weather. The J-1772 plug is compatible with all plug-in electric vehicles that will visit Midtown, including Tesla, the Chevy Bolt, and the upcoming Ford F-150 electric pickup.

“Not only is Houston the center of the energy industry, but it’s also a leader in innovation and new technology,” said Fred Turner, sales manager at SemaConnect. “Electric vehicles are taking off, and thousands of Houstonians will make the switch to one of the many fast, fun, and powerful vehicles that will hit the streets in the next few years. We’re honored to be Williamsburg Enterprises’ choice for sustainability and green amenities at 2101 Smith St.”

The Series 6 stations at 2101 Smith St. are loaded with the SemaConnect Network software. With the SemaConnect Network, Williamsburg Enterprises can control access, set pricing, and view usage and sustainability reports. Drivers can view live station status, get directions, and manage payments through the cloud portal. EV drivers can start a charge with a SemaConnect RFID card, SemaConnect mobile app, online portal at network.semaconnect.com, dialing 1-800-663-5633, or using the popular PlugShare app. The new charging stations cost $2 per hour and are located on the Louisiana St. side of the parking lot.

About Williamsburg Enterprises:
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