Washington, DC – SemaConnect has expanded its Electric Vehicle (EV) product line offering to include a Smart Personal Charging Station for drivers living in apartments and condos with dedicated parking. The Personal Charging Station adds to the current Multifamily Community product, which allows two or more cars to share a station.

“We are responding to a need that has been communicated to us by our Class A clients.” said Mahi Reddy, CEO at SemaConnect. “Property managers love the way the Community Charging Stations compliment their properties, but they needed Smart stations at a lower price point for drivers with dedicated parking. The new Personal Charging Station provides the same futuristic design and function as the Community, but without many of the sharing capabilities.

The Personal Charging Station will provide property managers at multifamily apartment buildings and condominiums the ability to easily offer EV charging as a service. “Property managers are busy enough,” continued Mr. Reddy, “they require solutions that are turn-key. We developed our Multifamily products so that they are easy to install and easier to manage. And because our stations are Smart, property managers can take advantage of off-peak pricing and also be ready for Demand Response Programs.”

“The White House made it clear that leadership is ready to embrace electric vehicles,” added Mr. Reddy. “At SemaConnect, we understand that drivers need the infrastructure to go electric. That’s why our stations are open to other driver programs – we are all about providing EV drivers the most choices when it comes to charging.”

The new Personal Charging Station is designed specifically for multifamily apartments and condos where just one driver uses the same space. It enables property management the ability to easily control access, set usage fees, monitor energy use and benefit from utility incentive programs such as off-peak pricing. In addition, tenants will be able to use their smart card passes from EVgo and leading automakers such as Nissan and Ford to access their home charging station. Now multifamily properties will have two great options for providing charging services, the Multifamily Personal for tenants with dedicated parking and the Multifamily Community for residents with shared parking. For more information and to see a list of features or to download a brochure on the Personal & Community EV Charging Stations, please visit: http://www.semaconnect.com/.