“Installing EV Charging Stations has helped Antlers at Vail stay on the cutting edge of what amenities are expected at modern hotels. Making stations available to guests has allowed us to cater to a new market while leaving a great impression on those looking for a greener tomorrow.”

– Antlers at Vail, Vail Co


“After shopping around and reviewing all the features of different EVSE stations, SemaConnect offered the most turn-key process from beginning to end. The sales team made the transaction a breeze, the technical team helped with questions during installation, and the SemaConnect marketing team even wrote and distributed a press release announcing the installation of our station. The visitors to our science center have been very impressed with the aesthetics and ease of use with this EV Station. ”

– Energy Smart Colorado, Avon, CO



“As the property manager of a prominent office building in downtown Denver, installing an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station presented a unique opportunity for us to promote electric cars. Tenants are more likely to purchase an EV knowing they have a place to charge it at the office. SemaConnect made it easy to be one of the first properties to install the newest and most viable green amenity.”

– Vector Property Services, LLC, Denver, CO


The University of Central Florida recently installed three SemaConnect units in strategic locations on campus. Since these stations were installed, their popularity has increased tremendously resulting in the allocation of four more units. Owners of electric vehicles continue to compliment us on our sustainability initiatives and the services provided to them.

– University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL


“With the increase usage of electric vehicles, adding EV charging stations to our office locations has helped us differentiate ourselves from our competitors while at the same time allowing us to offer an added amenity to our tenants.  SemaConnect made the whole process of planning, installing and managing the stations completely pain free.”

– The Ardent Companies, Atlanta, GA


“Here at our Wells Fargo Building in Seattle, our high-end customers expect a reliable, easy to use EV Charging Station.  The SemaConnect Stations have met all of our expectations, and the feedback we’ve received from our tenants is positive in nature.  We’ve tried other models of EV Charging Stations, and have been extremely pleased and impressed with the SemaConnect, such that we’ve replaced the other models with the SemaConnect Stations. We are comfortable recommending SemaConnect to other properties looking for a solution for their Class A property and high-end tenants.”

– JLL, Seattle, WA



“My office has two SemaConnect Charging Stations that are provided for employees and visitors to use and they have been consistently reliable since being installed several years ago. The cord-set is long enough to reach cars in nearby spaces for a quick top-off, and the light indicator has always informed me quickly about the charge status when approaching the parking lot. These are simple chargers that make plugging in my car hassle free.”

– DriveOregon.com


It’s been a pleasure working with SemaConnect.  The stations are aesthetically pleasing, sleek, user-friendly and perfect for our needs.  I really appreciate the professionalism, quick response and your vast knowledge the staff has about EV charging stations.  I remember the time when we had a question during our install… within minutes, we got calls from 3 of you team members!  Now, that is what you call customer service!

– Common Wealth Partners, San Francisco, CA