Collect data more efficiently

Take charge of your building’s sustainability.
The ChargePro is a smart and sophisticated, wirelessly networked Electric Vehicle Charging Station.
This is vital for commercial applications because it allows you to effectively manage and report on your stations.

Station Owner

Deploying an EV Charging Station program at your property couldn’t get any easier with the SemaConnect Network software. It comes bundled with your ChargePro purchase and is what makes the charging stations smart.

Unlike single-family home applications, commercial locations need a smart networked EV Charging program that will easily allow you to own and manage the stations at your property. Through the SemaConnect Network, you’ll be able to login to your property’s account and quickly see who is charging at your location, for how long, how much revenue you’ve generated, how much electricity is being used and so much more.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Driver

The SemaConnect Network for electric vehicle drivers allows drivers to easily register, manage, monitor and update their charging sessions at your stations. The cloud-based software makes it simple, convenient and effortless for EV drivers to use whether they are on a computer, tablet or smart phone.

The Driver Manager software also has mapping tools for identifying station locations, availability and pricing. Text-based messaging makes it easy to immediately communicate important information such as charging-fault detection, current state-of-charge and charging-complete.

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SemaConnect Network

is the brain behind the ChargePro

It comes packed with sophisticated, yet easy-to-use features. Having a charging station, network and software created by the same company
and precision ensures that you'll receive the most integrated approach to charging and managing your stations.

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The difference with the ChargePro

is its communication capabilities.

It's geared with top of the line components that ensure reliable communication so you can
charge EVs more, worry less, and collect data more efficiently.

EV Driver


Station Management

Web Server

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Network Operation Center

Charging Station

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The electric vehicle generation is happening now.
With the SemaConnect, you won’t be a part of the green movement.

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