From streamlining installation to simplifying station management

We’re leading the charge to make EV charging accessible to commercial, multifamily, fleet, and residential customers.
ev charging stations in garage parking lot

Easy Installation, from Nuts to Volts

With SemaConnect, it’s easy to be electric. Built with all users in mind, we make installation easy by shipping fully-assembled, pre-sealed units that any certified electrician can install. We deliver complete solutions from hardware to software, so installation and setup is as easy as flipping a switch.

With the smallest footprint on the market, space is never an issue as our charging stations have the flexibility to fit wherever they’re needed. Enabling installation without complication, we work with you to take the uncertainty out of EV charging. With SemaConnect, EV charging is simple from the start.

Series 8 SemaConnect EV Charging Station Installation

Management You’ll Be Amped About

We believe doing your part in a global infrastructure change shouldn’t mean having to learn electrical engineering and IT. Instead, we build charging stations designed to be as simple to manage as they are to use. Our charging stations are complete, turnkey solutions from hardware to software. Our stations are simple, so whether you have one station or a fleet of them, we're your one partner for every need.

If you need more to get charged up about, our stations are backed by a full-service replacement warranty. We replace any station that can’t be repaired with a new, fully-assembled unit, so your charging station is quickly back in business.

Car charging at SemaConnect Series 8 EV Charging Station

Energize Your Environment

SemaConnect chargers make attracting premium clientele as easy as it is to manage the hardware. We believe in being the station of choice for drivers because happy drivers make happier tenants, customers, and employees. Leveraging strategic partnerships with companies like PlugShare, we build our stations to be interoperable with other charging providers, so your customers can use their favorite charging apps. With many ways to pay, SemaConnect stations provide EV drivers with a wide variety of options for starting a charging session.

We provide comprehensive customer support to your drivers for an experience that’s always positive. And with an emphasis on design, our hardware is built with premium parts to help you attract more drivers with a look that’s absolutely electric.

A Partner to Power What’s Next

The EV mobility revolution is just powering up. At SemaConnect, we pride ourselves on being a partner that’s plugged in to you and everything that comes next.

We work with you to take the uncertainty out of EV charging, from design/build to find the right solution, through operations, so you never work alone. With more than a decade of experience, we’re the partner you can count on to keep you charging ahead.

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